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Refugee Lawyer Montreal: Ways to apply for Refugee or Asylum claim in Canada!

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Canada is seen as the stable, safe, and secure country. This amalgamation has made Canada a preferred choice for international immigration. It has also become the best destination for those who seek protection as refugees or asylum seekers.

The instability in several parts of the world has made many people choose refugee protection every year. Canada also recognizes that climate change is also compelling people to shift within and across borders. Thus, Canada is counted among those countries that provide a safe, secure, and protective haven to these people. 

Thus, if you have been seeking protection in Canada as a refugee or looking for the asylum here, look no further than the Can Sky Visa Immigration Services. If you need the best refugee lawyer in Montreal and across Canada, then we offer the most effective services and strive to help you navigate this challenging time with stress-free experiences. 

Already in Canada? How to Claim Asylum in Canada?

Any individual can claim asylum within Canada, but it is worth mentioning that all the claims are not accepted. Canada is warm and generous toward asylum seekers and refugees; however, the entire process is rigorous and is equipped with many bureaucratic challenges. Thus, to navigate this whole challenging phenomenon, it’s essential to connect with the best refugee lawyer in Montreal

Applying for Asylum Within Canada 

To make a refugee claim when already in Canada, the person may apply online. Continuing to wait for the application to be processed, the individual can apply for a study or work permit.

A work permit application can be submitted along with the refugee claim, but for the study permit, there is a need for a separate application. However, it is best to take advice from the best immigration lawyer in Montreal.

Asylum at a Port of Entry? Applying?

On applying at the port of entry, the officials will determine whether the individual is eligible to be considered by the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB). It is Canada’s decision-making body that decides to whom to give the refugee status and to whom it should not be accepted. 

Now, if you wonder what immigration services are offered by the refugee immigration lawyer in Montreal, discover below the insight.

Our Capabilities – Making Immigration Journey Stress-Free

We offer our clients a massive scope of professional and expert immigration advice and assistance to ensure their privileges at the time their refugee immigration application to Canada. We provide the experienced and the best services with the expertise and skills of a Montreal refugee lawyer.

  1. Representing Refugee Claimants: As we mentioned earlier, Canada is warm and generous toward asylum seekers and refugees. However, the full process is challenging and full of strict guidelines and paperwork. Thus, to keep the individual and their family safe and secure and provide stress-free experiences, we get the entire procedure right from the beginning. 
  2. Appeals and Refused Refugee Claimant: This professional service from the best refugee lawyer in Montreal is for individuals; the authorities have denied those claims.
  3. Applications for Permanent Residency: We also assist and help applicants for permanent residency in unique situations. It includes considerations like H&C (Humanitarian and Compassionate Considerations).
  4. Family Sponsorship: The best immigration lawyer in Montreal also offers immigration sponsorship services. Simply put, we may say that a family member of the individual who is already in Canada can be sponsored. It includes spouse, parent, child, grandparent, etc. 

Embark On the Immigration Journey with the Best Immigration Lawyer in Montreal

Suppose you have been looking for asylum in Canada, are a refugee claimant, or want to appeal for a rejected asylum application; Can Sky Visa Immigration Services are the best immigration services provider.

Thus, if you need the best refugee lawyer in Montreal to guide and assist you in the journey toward the process of looking for asylum in Canada, we are here to help you at every step. After all, there is a need for experts to handle and manage this complex process!

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